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Update my boring laundry room -- Please!

Let's face it, laundry rooms are the last room we think of when we think about updating or even during new construction. Builders make them simple and inexpensive. Most homeowners use up their budget in the important rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms and making living spaces beautiful and complete. Somewhere down the line, the vanilla "utility" room that serves its purpose dutifully starts to cry out for attention. After all, when you think about it, where do you and your family enter your home -- almost 100% of the time the answer is "through the laundry room"? It’s where we set out things to be remembered in the morning, work on that stained shirt, cut the flowers from the garden, keep the extra sodas and the sunglasses and store the birthday cards and candles.  It's a busy and important room!

So, even with the recognition that it deserves, it is likely not the place where you want to blow your budget. After all, it will always lose to the new table in the dining room or drapes in the master. So, how do you make it a room you like? How do you add interest and color without making it busy or skewing the true lighting that you need in this room? How do you pull out that awful, white sheet vinyl floor that looks filthy the first time anyone walks on it with something beautiful, easy to care for and forgiving of footprints?

Stay tuned.... tomorrow's article will give you some ideas and answers!





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