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Designers are busy people, but in the whirl of the day, a gorgeous photo popping up on email or a new book of fabrics can stop us in our tracks. I'm certain that I'm not alone when these things instantly distract me, setting my imagination in motion.


The bold color trends we wrote about a day or two ago are bright and will require a courageous departure from soft, neutral comfort zones for some client projects...or so I thought. But then, early this morning I was in the garden checking on my pear tree and I was struck by their distinct and potent beauty! Their bright greens, deep corals and poppy reds, were hanging there in beautiful, heavy clusters. They captured my attention: so much so that I had grab my camera and snap a photo. Bold, bright and buoyant, just like the trend. There they hang, confidently strutting the "new" color pallet that is clearly as old as time! Yes, gloriously colorful. 


I have a beautiful and talented friend named Susan. She helps me when I'm stuck on, or confused by my computer. She's a whiz at everything, and can teach me things that I didn't even know how to ask for help with! She always says her wage is just a dozen brown eggs, which I don't have -- but she's earned a big basket of these beautiful, colorful pears!   


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